Mental Health 


1 in 4 Kenyans suffer from a common mental disorder. Depression is common and there are increasing rates of substance and alcohol use disorders (WHO).

There is need of more attention on the mental health crisis, in so doing root causes of addictions and causes of depression can be dealt with timely.

A healthy nation is a working and thriving nation.


Children are a reflection of the society. Their behaviour reflects their relationship with the adult world – Gabor Mate (Physician and Author)

This is more like a catch 22 situation because our brains develop in response to the environment yet we are the ones who shape our environment. The good news is that we can break this vicious circle by sowing seeds of the right kind of education in our children and youth.

This age group (9-17) is the future of the nation and will be taking key positions in society. We need to ask ourselves what kind of future generations are we raising. Therefore, if we want better state of affairs then we must invest in training them in Character.

The Kenyan Youth Policy states that we have to identify ways to empower the youth to be able to choose their well-being and the community. ‘Character Coaching’ is one such tool of empowerment. ( Contributed by Rashmi Yadav and more about her can be found on )