At My Stern Mom Ltd, we understand the importance of mental well-being. Our psychotherapy services are designed to provide individuals with a safe and confidential space to address their emotional and psychological challenges. We aim to empower individuals to navigate life’s challenges and build resilience, fostering a healthier and more productive life.


Every human person has a capacity of achieving many of the things that he/she dreams of. However many never exploit their full potential due to many world challenges. With our team of motivators and skilled mentors we help you to realize your potential and exploit to the fullest. In every person there is a coal that needs to be spured to burn and conquer the world to the fullest

Character coaching

Many people in the world are so much skilled but are not resourceful. This is all because of lack of character. Many young people have dreams and aspirations in life but they lack character. Character is the engine that drives a human person in all his /her activities. Noticing this gap we have certified character coaches who are ready to instill positive character and core values for optimum performance. This we do through instilling several character strengths which aid personal development.

Map activities

At my Stern Mom, to support our programs and all children, we have books for adding skills and competencies. Map skills are a main focus as they communicate relevant information and assist in nurturing a life long skill.

Map knowledge is a necessary skill as our Cartographer Catherine Njore puts it Maps speak a universal language

Environmental Conservation

As our part in greening the country, we have an initiative, Kieni to Flora and planting trees whilst sensitizing our learners on their importance is our duty; our own hummingbird contribution.
We are working closely with other environmentalist to achieve this goal.

Nurturing reading

Leaders are readers. The exercise of the brain is to always read. Having a love of learning. As we get more paperless, we are reading less when there’s more to read in digital form. Many spend hours on gadgets scrolling and scrolling but most of the time not reading or looking at valuable information.
Reading is very important. You travel the world through books. You imagine and interact with authors thoughts in fiction and you grow through biographies of great men and women.
The young need assessment to see if they internalize what they read and guidance on what to read.

Social development

A whole some development of a human person is what brings fulfillment in life. In line with this, we strive to develop a human person as he/she relates to the other people around him and the environment. This we do by getting involved and walking groups and individuals in personal development.